KE Volunteer of the Year

Whilst it’s difficult to single out any one individual, the KE Volunteer of the Year award recognises the outstanding contribution of an expert practitioner engaged in volunteering activities for PraxisAuril, for the benefit of the entire KE community.

It could be someone who has been a volunteer for any length of time, but their passion for volunteering shines through.

Applications should:

• Describe the contribution that the individual has made to PraxisAuril and/or the sector and why they deserve special recognition,
• Describe the value which that individual has added and how have they exceeded expectations.

Am I eligible?

• This category is for all individuals engaged in volunteering activities with PraxisAuril (including trainers, mentors, Committee and Board members) who have made an outstanding contribution to PraxisAuril and the KE sector.

How is it judged?

• Entries should be no more than 600 words and will be judged on the basis of the information provided in the entry.

How do I enter?

  • The link below takes you to a Survey Monkey form to complete your entry.
  • Respondents can save their work, leave their entry and return to complete it later, up until the point this it is submitted. Once submitted, entries cannot be changed.
  • Saved entries use cookies to store the information, so the same device must be used to complete the entry, and a second entry cannot be started until the first is submitted.