Sustainability Collaboration of the Year

This award recognises outstanding partnerships between businesses, non-profits, or government entities that have demonstrated significant impact in promoting sustainability. To qualify, collaborations should have been active within the past year and show measurable results in areas like waste reduction, energy efficiency, sustainable resource use, or innovation in green technologies. Entries must include detailed evidence of the project’s environmental impact, testimonials from stakeholders, and a clear explanation of the collaborative roles of the involved parties. This award celebrates cooperative efforts that exemplify commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development

Applications should:

  • Describe the nature of the initiative, how it came about and its potential impact
  • Describe how the project contributes to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Describe the role that the KE team/professional played in establishing and implementing the initiative
  • Describe the significance to the institution and partner organisations
  • Describe how the partners have worked together to find solutions to any challenges that have been faced in the project, and how they were overcome.


Am I eligible?

  • The initiative must have been developed by a KE office/practitioner
  • The initiative should have been active within the last 12 months, or should have demonstrated some achievement within this period (e.g. for older initiatives)


How is it judged?

• Entries will be judged according to the contribution of the KE team, approach to collaboration and delivery / potential of outcomes (economic or social impact).

How do I enter?

  • The link below takes you to a Survey Monkey form to complete your entry.
  • Respondents can save their work, leave their entry and return to complete it later, up until the point this it is submitted. Once submitted, entries cannot be changed.
  • Saved entries use cookies to store the information, so the same device must be used to complete the entry, and a second entry cannot be started until the first is submitted.