We are delighted to announce that, once again, the PraxisAuril KE Awards have received the generous support of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Our heartfelt gratitude extends to all our other category supporters who continue to be an inspiration for the Knowledge Exchange community. 

UKRI - supporters

UK Research and Innovation

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is the UK’s largest public funder of research and innovation and is composed of seven disciplinary research councils, Innovate UK and Research England. Annually, we invest more than £8 billion to advance our understanding of people and the world around us and deliver benefits for society, the economy and the environment. Working in partnership, we aim to shape a more connected and agile research and innovation system in the UK that is an integral part of society, giving everyone the opportunity to participate and to benefit. Find out more in our new 5-year strategy, Transforming Tomorrow Together.

UKRI strategic plan aims for an outstanding research and innovation system that enriches and improves lives and increases prosperity by creating, applying and delivering benefits from new knowledge and ideas. In making this a reality, the exchange and commercialisation of knowledge derive from research endeavour is essential. This does not happen on its own but through the interactions and engagement of people from across the research and innovation ecosystem.

The PraxisAuril KE Awards recognise and reward the breadth and depth of contributions made by KE/TT professionals who, working at the interface between research and its users, in partnership with their academic colleagues and external stakeholders enable research to make a real difference to our life.

Wanting to further recognise the important roles that the community of KE/TT professionals play in delivering impact, and to learn from and disseminate the good practices in knowledge exchange and commercialisation from across the UK and more widely, UKRI is pleased to once again support and associate with the PraxisAuril KE Awards.

EAUC | The Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education

EAUC is the Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education, a member-based non-profit organisation based in the UK and Ireland, with a global network of higher and further education professionals. As the hub for the education sector our work bridges gaps between knowledge and action in sustainability, bringing new perspectives, ideas and innovations into view.

As part of the EAUC’s mission to drive sustainability into the sector, and the role collaborations play in doing so, we are pleased to sponsor the Net Zero KE Collaboration of the Year category. This category acknowledges the important role of partnerships in actioning Net Zero targets and encourages the knowledge sharing that these produce. Moreover, that collaborations enable a greater diversity in ideas and voices, which increases the scale of impact. The EAUC is pleased to support the positive actions the sector is taking in reaching Net Zero, which we hope will bring lasting collaborations and connections between sectors. We encourage applicants in this category to sign up to the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges and to apply for the Green Gown Awards.

Lab to IPO - supporters

PIPE Company | Lab to IPO Pathway

The PIPE Platform and Lab to IPO Pathway is the new standard for TTOs and Commercialisation teams who want a systematic approach to finding, forming and funding very early stage <TRL1 commercial, environmental and societal ideas and innovations, protecting IP and creating long-term impact and ROI.

With PIPE, you can Disclose & Validate, Evaluate, Launch, Fund (up to €2m) and future fund projects (no € maximum) as a spinout, licence or joint venture with the support of key business partners and all stakeholders who want to work with you and your researchers to develop these new opportunities.

Withers & Rogers

Withers & Rogers is one of Europe’s largest dedicated intellectual property law firms, with offices across the UK, Paris and Munich.  Our clients include renowned, innovative from multinational corporations through to universities and start-ups from across the globe.

We offer a comprehensive service extending to both securing IP rights (such as patents, trade mark, and design registrations) and advising on their exploitation and enforcement. We also provide proactive support functions that help our clients keep track of their IP, stay on top of its maintenance and in control of costs. Our dedicated Higher Education sector team focuses on providing bespoke services and added value for our University clients.

Recognition of the strategic importance of intellectual property is growing rapidly. To help our clients make the most of their creativity, we build strategies that embrace critical areas including innovation culture, due diligence and invention management.


TenU is an international collaboration formed to capture effective practices in research commercialisation and share these with governments and higher education communities. Its members work together to increase the societal impact of research.

TenU members are the technology transfer offices of the University of Cambridge, Columbia University, University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London, KU Leuven, University of Manchester, MIT, University of Oxford, Stanford University, and UCL.

TenU is funded by Research England.

We are proud to sponsor the Award ‘Supporting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion through Knowledge Exchange’. Through this award, we recognise the many visionaries that lead the way in creating a fairer, more equitable world, and amplify their efforts for others to emulate.