KE Team of the Year

This award recognises a KE team who have significantly exceeded expectations to deliver innovation and value to their colleagues and their institution as a whole.

You are encouraged to highlight Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and Responsible Innovation related approaches that have contributed to their success.

Applications should:

• Describe the size of the team, how they have added value and why they deserve to be recognised,
• Describe key relationships that have been built, supported or enabled,
• Describe any innovative/creative/unusual approaches adopted by the team that have contributed to their successes,
• Describe any obstacles faced by the team and how they have been overcome,
• Describe the role that the KE team/professional played in implementing the initiative.

Am I eligible?

• This category is for KE teams to demonstrate how they have worked together to provide outstanding value to their institution.

How is it judged?

• Entries will be judged on the success of the team including value added, relationships built, teamwork and challenges overcome,
• Entries should be no more than 600 words and will be judged on the basis of the information provided in the entry.

How do I enter?

  • You may nominate a team to which you belong, or a team from another institution.
  • The link below takes you to a Survey Monkey form to complete your entry.
  • Respondents can save their work, leave their entry and return to complete it later, up until the point this it is submitted. Once submitted, entries cannot be changed.
  • Saved entries use cookies to store the information, so the same device must be used to complete the entry, and a second entry cannot be started until the first is submitted.