Innovation in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion through Knowledge Exchange

National programmes, such as the EDI Caucus, recognise the need to improve Equality, Diversity and Inclusion across research and innovation systems and workplaces. This award recognises the achievement of a KE team or individual that has used the process and practice of Knowledge Exchange to deliver some public benefit in the field of ED and I.

This could involve a benefit within the KE profession itself, or in wider civic life.

For example, it might showcase how an individual or team has improved diversity, equity and inclusion within a core KE team, and what the benefits have been; or how the KE team has successfully engaged with a more diverse group of partners or changed its practice explicitly to overcome identified barriers to inclusion.

Or, for example, it might show how EDI outcomes have been improved in the wider world by a KE professional or team; for example by shaping KE work to address identified gaps in outcomes between different groups in a community or location, perhaps by influencing a research agenda or effectively creating parentships between producers and users of research – scientific or otherwise – to enhance equity or inclusion.

Applications should:

• Outline the initiative and why it deserves to be recognised by receiving this award.
• Describe how the initiative has been delivered and by whom
• Describe the actual or anticipated impact the initiative has achieved for the KE profession, in-line with the award description.

Am I eligible?

• The initiative must have been developed at least in partnership with a KE office or practitioner.
• The initiative should have been started within the last 12 months.

How is it judged?

• Entries will be judged according to demonstrable impact or achievement, or a clear pathway to impact, as described in the award entry.

How do I enter?

  • The link below takes you to a Survey Monkey form to complete your entry.
  • Respondents can save their work, leave their entry and return to complete it later, up until the point this it is submitted. Once submitted, entries cannot be changed.
  • Saved entries use cookies to store the information, so the same device must be used to complete the entry, and a second entry cannot be started until the first is submitted.